Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Brewmaster Tips for Home Brewers

[The staff has been occupied developing the Coffee or Beer Tendency Exam (COBTE) and will next turn to revising a profile about the partners behind The Bronx Brewery. Here is a bonus section from that article, in which brewmaster Damian Brown gives...]


1. Brew what you like to drink.  This is the best way to stay motivated to make more.
2.  Don't worry so much about style guidelines.  Be creative and make a beer that's truly your own.
3.  Start simple and add complexity as you gain more experience.  Starting with simple recipes and processes will allow you to better grasp the principles of brewing without being overwhelmed.
4.  Share what you make.
5.  Invite people to brew with you.  


As told to Matt Hanley by Damian Brown, Brewmaster, The Bronx Brewery 
Stay tuned for an upcoming profile about the brains behind The Bronx Brewery. 

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