Friday, November 18, 2011

How Much Drinking Remains?

Eric W., a New York naturalist, has a rule about coffee-beer. "It depends on how much drinking remains to be done for the night. If much drinking is to be done, then much caffeine needs to be consumed. "

Sort of like Red Bull ...

Coffee Afterwards

Ernesto, a New York web designer, spoke about the interplay of coffee and beer. One rule he has is to drink coffee after he's done drinking beer. He caps the night with an Irish Coffee or coffee with Kahlua.

Another circumstance is "coming in from the cold." He'll start with a coffee ... "with stuff in it."

Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Brewer in New York City

Borough pride inspired the founding of The Bronx Brewery several years ago. Since then, it has developed solid working principles and capacity, aided by the hiring of a young maverick brew master, and a seasoned beer-industry vet as general manager. We interviewed the team at their Manhattan Launch Party November 10th. Stay tuned for an upcoming feature.

Social Switch

Eric B., a New York restauranteur, when asked about an instance where he chose between coffee or beer, mentioned how this general rule of his affected the decision:

"Drinking (beer) is social. I don't drink alone. The other day I ordered a coffee, and then a friend of mine I hadn't expected, showed up. I immediately set the coffee aside and got a Guinness. "